Responding to confirmation from Government that one Garda Station in
County Cavan in to close under cost cutting measure, West Cavan County
Councillor, John Paul Feeley has called on the Minister for Justice,
Alan Shatter, TD and local Garda management to ensure that all
stations have at least one Garda assigned to them.

‘Tullyvin Garda Station did not have a Garda assigned to it and as
such was closed by stealth for some time. The announcement on Monday
was only confirmation of what was already the situation on the ground.
In the coming months, with the ongoing program of retirements in the
public sector and especially amongst member of An Garda Síochana many
more stations will have no Garda stationed in them and they will close
by stealth.’

There is growing concern at the ongoing reduction of the Garda
presence across the region heightened in recent weeks by speculation
that a larger number of stations would close.

‘I welcome the fact that the agitation of the people prevented greater
numbers of stations closing. I am however concerned that closures may
be implemented in an underhand manner in the weeks and months ahead.
It cannot be allowed to happen and I am calling on the Garda
Commissioner and Minister Shatter to give a guarantee that these
stations will be kept open in more than name but will have a real and
continuing Garda presence.’

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