Cavan County Council has proved over the years that, when given the right resources and
direction and working with communities it can deliver projects and services at a local level.
It is clear to me however that the Council’s ability to address issues affecting us all has been
significantly hampered over the past five year term by a lack of resources. The Government
needs to realise that the best way to address local needs and get value for the taxpayer is
through proper resourcing of local government. Providing our local authority with the right
level of resources would allow it to use that money to address everyday issues that can
improve people’s lives in a big way.

Despite the introduction of the Local Property Tax (a tax paid to Government that we were
told would be directed to help fund local services), Cavan County Council has received no
additional funding from Government since 2014. As a result, households in County Cavan
have seen no additional benefit from its introduction. The national review of the LPT must
not therefore impose any additional burden on homeowners in County Cavan.

The ongoing review of Revaluation of Commercial Property in County Cavan is of great
concern to many businesses. As a Council we have minimised changes to Commercial Rates
since 2008. We must continue to lessen the burden, particularly on small businesses.

Cavan County Council has only been allocated about half of what is needed to keep our
local, regional and national roads maintained to a proper standard. Appropriate funding is
required from Government as a matter of urgency to ensure our roads are safe for all users
and to avoid the issues of today becoming significant and much more expensive issues in
the long run.

Despite the underfunding I have worked to secure improvements to roads, footpaths and
public lighting and traffic calming measure in many areas and the taking-in-charge of
estates some of which were left in a dangerous state by unscrupulous developers.

  • Smarter Travel Initiative has provided cycle lanes, new lighting and footpaths
    around Cavan Town.
  • Low-Cost Safety Measures Programme resulting in improved signage, road surfaces
    and markings in other locations to reduce speed and protect pedestrians & cyclists.
  • Safety Measures such as ramps and signage have been provided in many estates.
  • CLÁR funding has provided traffic calming measures at schools and other
    community facilities.

There is a backlog of 225 applications under the Local Improvement Scheme dating from
2008 to improve private lanes serving homes and farms in rural areas. This scheme has been
starved of resources since 2011. The allocation in 2019 has seen a reduction on the 2018
Grant. I am committed to fighting for additional resources to deal with the appalling
backlogs for this Scheme.

The next review of CAP must focus support to family farms which provide the back-bone of
economic activity in this region. The potential damage to the agricultural sector posed by
Brexit has compounded the already difficult position of many of our farmers. Specific

supports are required to protect suckler farmers in this region. Sheep farmers also need
focused support from Government. Cavan County Council has developed Food Strategy
2017-2022 to promote local agricultural produce.

Our towns and villages are in decline – a decline that has not been helped by recent
Government failures. While we can all do more to support local shops and businesses,
Government has a role in promoting growth and regeneration. I have ensured a fair
distribution of the Town and Village Renewal Fund around our area – the money is small
however and, if we are to cause real change for the better, a well intended initiative like this
needs to be backed-up with proper levels of funding.

I have also worked on the development of an Urban Regeneration and Development Fund
Application for Cavan Town and engaged with the Cavan Town Team. Town and Village
Renewal Plans are now in place to provide a framework for future regeneration initiatives.
We have done the groundwork, but we now need Government to provide us with the
funding that will see these plans achieve results.

Tourism is a key element in our economic future. The promotion and development of the
Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark as part of Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands is key. Cavan
County Council has prepared a detailed development plan ready for inclusion in forthcoming
Fáilte Ireland Capital Funding Schemes for Cavan Burren Park and the Shannon Pot.
Implementing this development plan will be a key priority over the coming years.

Working with other agencies and local communities, work is already underway to enhance
tourist amenities around our area completing conservation measures and enhancing access
to Cuilcagh Mountain, developing the Greenway and Blueway along the Shannon-Erne
Waterway, developing angling facilities and improving Killykeen Forest Park, for example.

Much more must be done to open up more of our waterways, create marked walks,
improved signage, develop new attractions and amenities and increase the variety of
accommodation available. Cavan County Council has adopted the Tourism Development
Plan 2017-2022, an Angling Strategy 2018-2022 and a Walking and Cycling Strategy 2018-
2022 which set out the work to be done in these areas.

As Chair of the Economic Development Strategic Committee, I have worked on the
development and implementation of the Local Economic and Community Plan. I proposed
the provision of a Digital Hub for Cavan Town. The failure to rollout the National Broadband
Plan continues to hamper economic activity and quality of life, particularly in rural areas.

Cavan County Enterprise Fund has worked to develop enterprise space in many of our
towns and villages. The Local Enterprise Office works closely with small business. More
resources are needed to help small businesses. The IDA must progress the development of
Killygarry Business Park to attract foreign direct investment and provide opportunities for
our local entrepreneurs.

The concentrated development in the Greater Dublin Area continues to place huge pressure
on infrastructure, inflated house prices and an over stretched transport system. A
comprehensive Decentralisation Plan is needed to move jobs from Dublin to the regions as
was done successfully in the past in Cavan.

The local school is at the heart of the community, be it primary or secondary. I have
worked closely with the Stand with Glan Campaign to keep Curravagh NS, Glangevlin open.

I oppose the closure of St. Bricin’s College, Beturbet and St. Mogue’s College, Bawnboy.
We can be justly proud of all of the secondary schools in the region as well as the work done
in Cavan Institute.

Cavan Monaghan ETB and the Department of Education and Skills must provide all schools
with the resources and facilities required to meet the needs of the young people of our

Proper planning is not just about preventing the wrong type of development, it must be
about facilitating people to make a home for themselves in their own community.

The EPA Code of Practice –Waste Water Treatment & Disposal Systems Serving Single
Houses must be changed to recognise the solutions that exist for the safe and
environmentally domestic waste to allow homes to be built and communities to survive.

The Department of Housing needs to give the County Council the resources to provide social
housing where it is needed.

Forestry is a part of the rural economy but it must be properly regulated and subject to the
rigours of the planning process, the interests of the wider community must be taken into

Providing sporting facilities in all our communities is vitally important. The CLÁR and LEADER
programmes have helped to provide playgrounds and small-scale sporting facilities in many
locations. A comprehensive and well funding Sports Capital Programme must be
reintroduced. Cavan County Council, working with sporting bodies, are progressing plans for
a regional sports centre in Cavan Town.

Protecting the older, the young and the those with a disability must always be a priority. The
support we give to the weakest and most vulnerable members of our community is the best
reflection of our values as a people.

The Housing Aid for Older People, Mobility Aids Grants and Housing Adaptation Grants
provide vital supports for those with disabilities to remain in their homes. Government must
provide more funding to allow the Council to support these much-needed works.

I regularly work with those who have difficulties accessing medical cards, and dealing with
queries from the Revenue Commissioners and about social welfare and pensions.

Not nearly enough Home Help Support is available in our region. It is a vital cog in the wheel
of community services, one that allows people to live more independent lives and one that,
in the long run, saves money and capacity in the health service that can be focused on
urgent needs. The HSE must pay Home Help Workers properly so that this service can be
provided with dignity to those who need it.

Access to supports for people with disabilities needs to be improved. I have raised the need
for better services, quicker assessments and more respite care.

Caithfidh Comhairle Contae an Chabháin níos mó a dhéanamh chun an Ghaeilge a chur
chun cinn. Tá muid ag obair ar straitéis nua faoi láthair. Agus comóradh an chéid ar Ardscoil
Bhréifne i nGleann Ghaibhle ag druidim linn i 2021 tá seans againn úsaid na Gaeilge a
leathnú ar mhaithe leis an ngeilleagar áitiúil.

Having worked closely with a number of community childcare facilities, I have witnessed
first hand the prohibitive cost of childcare for parents and also the very poor terms and
conditions available to many of those who work in the sector. Neither is acceptable and
more supports must be made available.

There is a very real fear of crime in our community. The easy availability and use of illegal
drugs must be tackled not just be the Gardaí but by all state agencies. County Cavan Joint
Policing Committee has fought for the allocation of more Gardaí to our region, the
establishment of a dedicated Drugs Unit and a Dog Unit. We have worked with local
Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch Groups on many initiatives including text-
alert and property marking. The Community CCTV Scheme as it stands is unworkable and
inaccessible. Its terms and conditions need to be changed.

Climate Change is a significant issue for our country, and we must all play our part. It is
essential that the required actions are shared fairly across all sectors and taking account of
the unique situation of local agriculture, our heritage and way of life.

Litter is a constant issue throughout our area, as all involved in Tidy Towns Groups will be
all too aware. The Council maintains a network of free to use bring centres which are
subject to constant illegal dumping. CCTVs have been installed at some of these to tackle
the problem. Dumping is an ongoing challenge and can only be dealt with by everyone
working together.