Coillte must be held to responsible for cost of road repairs in Swanlinbar

I has called on the Council Executive to ensure that Coillte are held responsible for the damage done to the local road in Drumbar which has resulted in the breaking down of a bridge, the blocking of drains and temporary closure of the road.
‘The carrying in of large quantities of stone, ironically to build roads by Coillte has caused severe damage to this local road. It is essential that the road be repaired properly, permanently, and promptly.’
‘I want to thank the local Council Staff for the temporary work completed which has rendered the road safe at least on a temporary basis. Closing the road is a huge inconvenience for locals and in order to do the job right it will be necessary to do so on a short term basis.’
‘Coillte must be held to account for the damage done, it should not be taken from our already inadequate road budget, following the polluter pays principle Coillte must pay for the damage.’
Removing the existing bridge and replacing it with a modern structure could take two to three weeks from commencement along with other works required. The Council are hoping that works can commence in the short term.