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Coillte must be held to responsible for cost of road repairs in Swanlinbar

I has called on the Council Executive to ensure that Coillte are held responsible for the damage done to the local road in Drumbar which has resulted in the breaking down of a bridge, the blocking of drains and temporary closure of the road.
‘The carrying in of large quantities of stone, ironically to build roads by Coillte has caused severe damage to this local road. It is essential that the road be repaired properly, permanently, and promptly.’
‘I want to thank the local Council Staff for the temporary work completed which has rendered the road safe at least on a temporary basis. Closing the road is a huge inconvenience for locals and in order to do the job right it will be necessary to do so on a short term basis.’
‘Coillte must be held to account for the damage done, it should not be taken from our already inadequate road budget, following the polluter pays principle Coillte must pay for the damage.’
Removing the existing bridge and replacing it with a modern structure could take two to three weeks from commencement along with other works required. The Council are hoping that works can commence in the short term.

Agreement signed to progress Sligo to Enniskillen Greenway

Formally approved at our last Council meeting, I signed the Secion 85 Agreement with Leitrim County County Council allowing them to exercise the functions of Cavan County Council within our county for the purpose of bringing the Greenway to construction stage.
An extensive round of public consultation will now take place involving detailed engagement with landowners and the wider community to select the final route of the Greenway and then develop the plans to bring the matter through to planning.
The timeframe for this next phase will be eighteen to twenty four months at which point the project will be ready to be shovel ready and ready for capital funding.
This work in part of the Council overall plan to join the pieces of existing greenway near Cavan Town, Ballyconnell and Belturbet into a network with adjoining counties. There are also plans in the east of the county around Kingscourt.
During the most recent County Development Plan I secured the inclusion of an objective to develop a link from the SLNCR Greenway to Cavan Burren Park, the Shannon Pot through Glan Gap to joint the Cavan Leitrim. This is a more long term objective but important that it is included for the future. {CAPTION}

LIS funding welcome but much more needed to clear backlog

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has joined the welcome for the allocation of a further €902,317 under the Local Improvement Scheme for 2022 bringing the total allocation to Co. Cavan for the year to €1,273,457 and represents a slight increase on funding from 2021.
This announcement is welcome but given that there are almost 200 applications still on hand, the allocation will only complete around 20 roads before the end of this year and this is, unfortunately, inadequate.
It is only when allocations are made and precise costing prepared that we can be certain as to how many roads will be done, but given the lack of contractors able to take on the work and the increased cost of materials this allocation will not have the dramatic effect on the list we would all like to see. Costs to complete roads can vary from €30,000 to €200,000 depending on the length and condition of the specific roads in question.
In 2021 the allocation of €1,119,389 completed 23 roads around the county. The 2022 allocation will, subject to the roads continuing to meet the qualifying criteria, allow the Council to deal with applications received in 2015 and early 2016.
Sadly, we are dealing with a backlog created as a result of the failure of Fine Gael to make any provision for the Local Improvement Scheme from 2012 onwards until 2021 and thereafter the allocations have simply been too small to make any headway.
Thankfully, under the current Government, allocations have almost doubled, however the allocations should be made at the start of the year to maximise what Council can do with the money provided.

Outdoor Recreation Funding will improve amenities across County Cavan

Funding under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme (ORIS) will allow Cavan County Council improve amenities across the County. The allocations cover locations from Lough an Leagh in East Cavan to the Seán Eamon Ruairí Trail in Glangevlin.
As someone who lives near the Seán Eamon Ruairí Trail, I am conscious that, in recent years, it has fallen into significant disrepair. The Trail was first developed 2000. Some maintenance has been completed in recent years but this allocation of €30,000 will allow the route be brought to a proper standard. Aside from the magnificent views and the opportunity the walks give to experience the environment of West Cavan, it also commemorates one of the last native speakers in our County recorded by the Comissiún Béaloidis and is particularly apt as we reflect on the 100th Anniversary of the short-lived Gaeltacht in Glangevlin.
Garvagh Lough Amenity, Gowlan, Blacklion will be further enhanced with an allocation of €18,000 and will build on the work done in recent months at that location.
The allocation of €30,000 for works at Rann Point is particularly welcome. This location which gives the best views of Clough Oughter Castle has unfortunately been subject to anti-social behaviour. Hopefully, when the amenity is better presented, it will encourage more families to use the area and deter anti-social behaviour.
Other allocations include the development of a new heritage trail in Bawnboy.
In addition to specific funding an allocation has been made to the Cuilcagh Lakelands Geopark of €19,845 towards marketing of the numerous trails within the Geopark and €43,200 to assist Cavan County Council in developing a Masterplan for Angling, a segment of our tourism industry that has not developed as we would have liked in recent years.