West Cavan Councillor, John Paul Feeley has called for the completion
of works to fully re-open a bridge in Glan Gap which has been closed
to one lane of traffic for over twelve months.

‘The closing of one lane on this bridge has created a serious traffic
hazard. Whilst a short-term measure might be acceptable, it is long
past time that action was taken to repair the bridge and open it to
normal traffic.’

The bridge on the R200 is located between the Townlands of Legnaderk
and Aghacollia. It has been closed to two lane traffic and a weight
restriction has been in place for over twelve months as the foundation
of the bridge were deemed unsafe. In addition the side wall of the
bridge collapsed.

‘I understand that the project is complex and that the repair will be
costly and difficult, give the depths involved. I also understand that
the repair of the parapet wall of the bridge, whilst the most obvious
problem to the passerby, it is not a major issue and could be fixed
quickly but the real issue is the foundation of the bridge’

Noting that the bridge is on a Regional Road, the only road, through
the County linking, West of Glan Gap with the rest of the County and a
significant route in the Marble Arch Geopark, the West Cavan Fianna
Fáil Councillor noted that this road, with funding allocated by then
Minister, Noel Dempsey received a special grant to complete major
realignment and repairs at a nearby location and thereby greatly
improving safety.

‘The cost of this much needed project is estimated to be in excess of
€ 450,000. I believe it is vital that a special allocation be obtained
from Central Government as the allocation of this type of money from
the Councils Budget for 2012 would greatly reduce the amount of other
much needed work that could be done by the Council locally and our
roads need ongoing maintenance and improvement.’

Concluding Councillor Feeley demanded that, irrespective of the
funding source that the plans carefully prepared by the Council
Engineering Staff locally by Derry Scanlon, Area Engineer and the
other Council staff together with outside consultants be implemented
and the bridge be fully re-opened as soon as ever possible.

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