West Cavan County Councillor, John Paul Feeley strongly criticised the
National Roads Authority for the delay in re-opening the two bridges
on the N87 north of Bawnboy, which has led to the closure of the road
for over three weeks.

‘There is no doubt that this work is necessary. Whilst it meant some
inconvenience for the people of Corlough and Swanlinbar in particular
people were prepared to accept a reasonable amount of inconvenience,
the extended duration of the closure is now unacceptable.’

The initial closure was authorised for a period of three weeks on the
understanding that the contractors would work to have the road
re-opened after about two weeks. The road should have been open by
next Tuesday, 13th December 2011.

‘It is clear that the road works are well behind schedule. The closure
has caused serious problems for people trying to access services in
Bawnboy and Ballyconnell including National and Secondary Schools.
Increased volumes of traffic on very unsuitable minor roads are posing
a serious danger to motorist and local residents and causing
considerable damage to these roads which will have to be repaired out
of Council resources. In addition, it has not been possible for the
Council to treat the N87 north of Bawnboy to the border north of
Swanlinbar due during recent cold weather. These and other emergency
services such as the Gardai and Ambulances have also been hampered in
their movements’

Councillor Feeley confirmed that he has asked Cavan County Council
Engineers to contact their counterparts in the NRA to put every
pressure on the contractors to get the works completed without further
delay and that he has also contacted the NRA directly to express the
frustration of the local community.

‘Following representation, I have been assured that the road will be
open before the 22nd December. This is well past the initial date for
completion but at least people should know the latest date. The NRA
are also putting pressure on the contractor to get the work completed
before that date.’

Concluding, Councillor Feeley suggested that the NRA should review
their works program to ensure that works of this nature are not
scheduled for a time of the year when the weather conditions are
clearly unsuitable.

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