Status of Border in Brexit remains up in the air – Feeley

Fianna Fail County Councilllor, John Paul Feeley has expressed his concern at recent statements from the EU Commission, the British Primeminster and her Foreign Secretary.
‘The comments Boris Johnston earlier this week, liking the border here with that between Council districts in London followed by the publication of the draft treaty to give effect to what was supposed to have been agreed between the EU Commission and the UK Government all clearly demonstrate that the much vaunted pre-Chistmas Deal was a political fudge lacking any legal standing and offering no reassurance to communities along the border and to the business community throughout Ireland.’
‘Our own Government are high on Communication and Spin and certainly out-did themselves on this non-deal. Spin is part of politics but there must be something there to spin. In this case, as I pointed out much to the annoyance of local Fine Gael representative was merely a welcome political statement of no legal or lasting consequences.’
‘Ireland needs to get real about this issue. It is extraordinary that there are more people working in the Government Communication Unit than in the Brexit Unit. The UK clearly have no understanding of Ireland and some seem willing to sacrafice the Good Friday Agreement in order to achieve some undefined objective.’
Concluding, Councillor Feeley stated that the Government must concentrate all of its efforts on ensuring that the EU Commission and the other 27 memberstates do not waver in their commitment to protecting our interests.