Mains Replacement will resolve problems with Blacklion Water Supply -Feeley

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has warmly welcomed the commencement of works to upgrade the water supply in Blacklion village which will involve the replacement of all the damage water mains and dealing with connections to some houses.
“Over recent months I received numerous representations from businesses and residents in Blacklion who have problems with the water supply to the properties this includes rust -like substances entering their supply from the old cast iron mains which were laid in the village many decades ago. This problem is an issue for any resident or business but particularly for those involved in accommodation and restaurant for which Blacklion is acclaimed throughout the country.”
The work which will commence on 26th of February 2018 is expected to last for 14 weeks and in what will involve the replacement of 1.1 km of ageing water into Blacklion and replacement of old and damaged service connections particularly dealing with shared backyard connections in Marion Crescent adjacent to the village.
“This work is part of an overall leakage reduction program funded by Irish water I want to acknowledge the great work done by Paddy Connaughton, Director of Services, Cavan County Council, Brendan Smith, Engineer and the other staff of Cavan County Council who have prepared the case for this much-needed investment and put together the detailed plans which are about to be implemented. Furthermore they have had to deal with the problems that have arisen for businesses and residents over recent months which thankfully will now be addressed.”
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