Public Meeting in Blacklion to discuss Constituency Review

Killinagh Community Council will host a meeting for members of the community and representatives of community organisations to discuss the division of County Cavan for Dail Electoral purposes next Friday, 2nd December 2016 at 9.30 pm on the Market House, Blacklion. ‘We are particularly anxious to raise the profile of the countywide campaign in the areas of Blacklion, Glangevlin and Dowra. These areas are doubly disadvantaged by the removal of a chunk of County Cavan into the constituency of Sligo/Leitrim in that we already feel removed from the rest of the County and are now hived off to a ‘Frankenstein’ Constituency that for the first time in the history of the State includes four counties.’ Killinagh Community Council, of which Feeley is Secretary is a voluntary organisation working in the Blacklion area on a range of community projects. ‘Killinagh Community Council have convened this meeting to deal with this fundamental issue. It is simply a vehicle to being others together to ensure we do all we can to maximise submissions to the Constituency Commission and that we get as many signatures as are possible for the Petition organised by the Anglo-Celt.’ The Campaign is operating on a cross party basis and this meeting is for all who have a genuine interest in the betterment of the area and of the County Generally. ENDS