Minister for Finance & Revenue Commissioners must help cross-border self-employed – Feeley

‘The Minister for Finance and the Revenue Commissioners must intervene to help self employed cross border workers who are subject to double taxation in this jurisdiction. This workers, resident in this jurisdiction who operate business north of the border are subject to additional assessment by the Revenue Commissioners here.’ ‘Those employed in the North and now living here are subject only to taxation where the money is earned thanks to changes implemented at the behest of then Minister for Finance, Charlie McCreevy. Minister Noonan should make the necessary changes now for the self-employed.’ ‘I am aware of people, who because of the current situation have moved north. This is a huge loss to already depopulated and disadvantaged communities along the border who are already feeling the pressure. There may only be a small group affected by this, nonetheless their plight should not be forgotten by the Government.’ ‘In light of the threat of Brexit and the huge level of uncertainty we all face in these regions no opportunity should be missed to facilitate workers and their families in sustaining communities. Minister Noonan can act to put these self-employed workers on a par with employees working north of the border but living in this jurisdiction.’ END