Government must intervene to end Nurses Strike’- Feeley

Fianna Fail Councillor, John Paul Feeley has joined calls for the Government to intervene as a matter of urgency to end the nurses strike so that the nurses can get back to do the work that they want to do and the people who have long-awaited appointments or who need to access the health system can do so.

‘We are facing into the second day of industrial action by the Irish Nurses & Midwifes Association (INMO). That is absolutely the right of that Union and its members and I can see the very strong case that they have for changes to their work conditions and the urgent need to recruit more nurses and bring about a proper pay and career structure for the nursing profession.’

Some weeks ago the Dáil passed a motion calling for the establishment of a Commission on Nursing and Midwifery to examine the wider issues facing the nursing profession to be chaired independently and bring forward detailed proposals for the future but the Government has not moved to establish this Commission.

‘The reality is that this, like every other industrial dispute will be resolved. It is a matter of time. Our already under-resourced and creaking health system cannot cope with the existing industrial action never mind what will happen with its escalation. The Taoiseach and the Minister for Health, the two great media darlings of Ireland seem to have an answer for everything seem bereft when it comes to the Nurses Strike. It is time for an urgent and comprehensive engagement by both of them on the part of the Government.’

Councillor Feeley confirmed that he has tabled a motion for the next meeting of Cavan County Council calling on the Taoiseach to intervene to resolve the current industrial dispute.


5th February 2019