What has Fine Gael & Labour got against young people

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has condemned the proposal to further cut Social Welfare Payments to those Under-25.

 ‘At present Ireland 30% of our workforce, under the age of twenty-five are unemployed. Those under twenty one presently gets €100 per week whilst those between twenty-two and twenty four get € 144. Now those who apply for Unemployment Benefit Under 25 will face a 30% cut in payment.’

 ‘This Government has made a joke of the ‘Knowledge Economy’ by slashing Grants available for Post-Graduate Courses. They are not creating job opportunities and only offer Job-Bridge opportunities to allow our young unemployed work for less than the minimum wage or emigration.’

 ‘Young people, willing and able to work are given no real opportunity and in these Budget Proposals are been given no real choice but to leave. It begs the question: What does Enda Kenny and this Government have against young people?

 Concluding, Councillor Feeley stated that in Irish History when landlords attempted to clear the country of young people at the very least they paid the fair as they enforced emigration. This Fine Gael Government appears to be determined to solve the Youth Unemployment Crisis by forcing our young people out.