UCD to minimise impact of Brexit on students from the North’

PRESS RELEASE ‘UCD to minimise impact of Brexit on students from the North’ Fianna Fáil Councillor and member of the UCD Governing Authority, John Paul Feeley raised concerns about the impact of the ‘Brexit’ Vote on students coming from north of the Border to UCD and other third level in this jurisdiction. ‘The result of last weeks referendum has created uncertainty across the board. One area of concern is for third level students. For various reasons, students in the North have a special affinity with Universities elsewhere on the island. UCD attracts a considerable amount of northern students who by virtue of our common EU membership are not treated as international students. The change in status of the UK would create an insurmountable fee barrier for many students coming from the North unless special provision is made for such students.’ Raising the issue at a recent Governing Body Meeting (28th June 2016), Councillor Feeley received reassurance from Professor Andrew J. Deeks, President of UCD, that ‘a UK exit does not impact on the fee status of any student from the UK currently in the University.’ He further stated that ‘Even after a UK exit, the impact on students from Northern Ireland and Britain who wish to attend UCD will be minimised, and we will put appropriate policies in place once the situation becomes clearer.’ ‘These are important reassurances for existing and future students. I am particularly concerned that students from the North would not be placed at a disadvantage. Professor Deeks also confirmed that all third level institutions can take a similar course of action to UCD and that he would raise the issue with his colleagues in the IUA (Irish Universities Association).’ ENDS