Swanlinbar Water Supply Restored

West Cavan County Councillor, John Paul Feeley has welcomed confirmation that the Water Supply in Swanlinbar has been fully restored following a recent incidence of excess levels of ammonia in the water supply. There was at no time any bacterial contamination.

‘Residents in the Swanlinbar area have had their water supply disrupted considerably in recent weeks as a result of an exceedance of ammonia in the Water Supply. The supply had to be turned off fully and then restored with an order that it was not to be used for human consumption and the preparation of foods. I have had many complaints for residents and that is entirely understandable. Cavan County Councils own laboratory and that of the HSE have confirmed that the supply is now fully incompliance with all standards and the County Council have issued notice to all households confirming that the water is safe to drink.’

It is understood that the County Council are now engaging in a detailed survey to determine the source of the contamination and to ensure that the problem does not arise again.

‘There have been two incidents in recent months which led to disruption of the supply. The Council staff is making every effort to ensure that this problem does not arise in the future. There is a detailed survey to locate the problem on-going. In tandem with this work the Water Services Department of the Council are making plans to carry out necessary works to deal with future excess levels of ammonia if they arise.’

Concluding, Councillor Feeley thanked Eoin Doyle, Director of Services, Peter Gallagher, Senior Engineer, their colleagues, the laboratory staff and the local water caretaker for their efforts to deal with the problem and their willingness to answer all queries in relation to this problem. Councillor Feeley also noted that senior Council Staff would in the coming days arrange to meet with members of the local community to explain in detail their problems which arose and also set out the program of work to be completed so as to reassure the consumers.