Swanlinbar Water Supply Restored

Councillor John Paul Feeley has confirmed that the Water Supply in Swanlinbar has been restored following the discovery of a fault last (Wednesday) night. It will take some hours for full pressure to be restored but a completely normal service should be restored by mid-night tonight (Thursday).

Complementing the local Water Maintenance Caretaker and the staff of the Council who worked late into last night to deal with the issues which caused the fault he stated that there is a need for significant investment in the months ahead to ensure that there are no further disruptions to the supply in the village and the surrounding areas.

‘A completely reliable and safe water service is needed and is an absolute entitlement for all. There are ongoing problems with the source of water in Swanlinbar and whilst the Council do work quickly and efficiently to restore the supply and resolve the problems when they happen it is not acceptable that these faults arise so regularly resulting in water outages’

Councillor Feeley confirmed that the he had placed the issue on the Agenda for the next meeting of Cavan County Council.