Roads Budget for 2019 is nothing to boast about-Feeley

The Roads Programme for 2019 was agreed at the March Meeting of Cavan County Council providing a total of € 12 million on Local and Regional Roads, € 7 million for the National Road Network and € 269,254 under the Local Improvement Scheme.

‘Every euro spent in the County on our road network is to be welcomed but the this Road Works Programme is nothing to boast about. The allocation for Local and Regional Roads has risen to € 12.8 million well below the high of € 18.6 million in 2008. The increase does little more than keep with inflation on labour and material and is about half of what engineers estimate we require to maintain our road network, never mind bring about the kind of improvements needed.’

Fianna Fil Councillor also recognised the great work done by the staff dealing with roads, from the staff in Road Design, the local area offices and the staff on the ground who together with contractors carry out the work of maintaining the roads.

‘Whilst we as Councillors agreed the Road Works Programme, we must recognise that this is one of a series of Road Works Programmes which underinvest in our roads. The deteriorating road conditions in the County are clear to be seen to anyone who travels around the county.’

Concluding, Councillor Feeley highlighted the € 269,379 allocated under the Local Improvement Scheme.

‘This announcement is € 30,000 less than the first tranche of funding provided in 2018. It is an insult to those on the waiting list in Cavan. 225 applicants are on file in Cavan, on each of these lanes there are many homes and farms affected by a poor standard of road. The Council is currently processing applications lodged in 2008. The allocation is an embarrassment and those in Government should be ashamed of it.’