N16 Overlay Overdue

Cavan Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley welcoming the
allocation of € 280,000 to complete an overlay of the N16 from the
Leitrim County Boundary to the Dowra Road in 2012.

‘The surface condition of this particular section of the N16 has
deteriorated significantly in the past few years. This work is in fact
overdue and I welcome the allocation which will allow Cavan County
Council, on behalf of the NRA complete a design plan for the entire
section of road and subject to allocation provided complete the
overlay in full in 2012 and if necessary 2013.’

The N16 is the National Primary Road connecting Sligo, via Enniskillen
to Belfast and is a major West to North route for haulage and public

‘The N16 carries a huge volume of traffic and parts of it, especially
in County Leitrim have the unenviable reputation as amongst the most
dangerous of National Primary Route in the country. It is a road that
despite much promise and hype has not received the kind of investment
needed. This allocation will bring the surface of this section back up
to an acceptable standard and I look forward to the work being
completed in the coming months.’

Concluding Councillor Feeley acknowledged the work of the Area
Engineer, Derry Scanlon and the local Overseer, Tom Joe McGoldrick in
having a surface overlay completed in the Village of Blacklion in 2011
and having sections of the N16 patched to deal with serious
deterioration in the past twelve months.

‘The kind of work completed in the past twelve months on the N16
demonstrates the importance of local action by Council staff and I
thank those involved for dealing with the problems so effectively.’

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