LIS allocation for 2021 is completely inadequate, Minister not listening to Councillors Feeley

The confirmation of the LIS for 2021 of € 289,254 is marginally up on the € 269,240 allocated in 2020 under the same scheme by Minister Humphreys is more than disappointing. The allocation will barely keep pace with construction inflation and is cold comfort to the over 220 applicants on the waiting list at present.
We have a lot of talk on this issue from the Fine Gael membership of the Council. The latest stunt is to deflect attention from the failure of Minister Humphreys is to try to bring the Minister for Agriculture into the mix. Funding for the LIS, for lanes serving agricultural holdings with residential properties thereon have always been funding by the Department of Transport until the Minister Varadkar abolished the funding entirely and the current stream of funding from the Department of Community & Rural Affairs has only arisen with former Minister Ring started making allocations in 2017.
Despite strong cases made to Minister Ryan and Minister Humphreys nothing meaningful has been done. It is incumbent now on Oireachtas members to make the case for proper sustained funding to address the massive backlog.
Cavan County Council estimate that it would take in the region of € 11 million to clear the list. We need action and a plan for consistent funding this year and over the coming years to get this list down, € 289,254 won’t do much if anything to solve the issue.