Kildallan national school shares in CLÁR Programme

Press release

Kildallan National School shares in CLÁR Programme

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has welcomed the allocation of funding under the CLÁR Programme towards the provision of a new 40m footpath along the boundary wall, the provision of car and bus parking facilities along a section of the roadway and provide appropriate road markings adjacent to Kildallan National School.
“This rural school has seen significant growth in numbers in recent years and has benefited from a substantial extension officially opened by then Minister, Brendan Smith TD. This new investment though not a significant amount of money will, I hope significantly improve safety for children, parents and staff alike and enhance the school generally.”
‘Bettering the infrastructure in schools such as Kildallan is essential to supporting these communities and ensuring that they have the type of infrastructure appropriate to sustaining these communities into the future and whatever investment is made in these areas is good value for money. Regrettably not nearly enough money has been allocated over the years to communities such as Kildallan and this is a matter which must urgently be addressed in the future by government.’


14th June 2017

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