GP service must be sustained in Swanlinbar – Feeley

Tomorrow marks an end of an era in Swanlinbar with the retirement of Dr. Kevin Deering as GP in the community. After many years of valued service to the people of Swanlinbar and surrounding areas. I wish him many years of healthy and happy retirement.
Not just in recent days but since I heard of Dr. Deering’s retirement I have been in regular contact with the HSE to impress on them the need to appoint a new GP to serve the people of the area and ensure continuity of service as has Brendan Smith TD.
I am pleased that a locum doctor will be in place from next week and that the HSE are committed to maintaining the service into the future. It is essential that continuity of service is maintained so that there is a viable practice there for a doctor to take up in the near future.
The HSE have advertised the position and are now considering the applications received. If no application is successful the the position will be re-offered. As far as I am concerned all the time necessary must be given to ensure that a GP service is maintained in Swanlinbar.