‘Government review of US Pre-Clearance at Dublin & Shannon Airports is madness – Feeley

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has described the decision of the Government to review the US Immigration Pre-Clearance at Shannon and Dublin Airport as madness.
‘Whatever view anyone has of President Trump and his policies, the availability of US Pre-Clearance at Irish Airports are vital and useful for Irish people travelling to the US and indeed has been vital to developing Irish Airports as a hub for those travelling to Ireland to travel on to the US.’
‘The knee jerk reaction of An Taoiseach to review Pre-Clearance is clearly simply an attempt to keep Minister Zapone happy but could ultimately be to the determinant of Ireland. Nothing should be done to in anyway endanger this vital service provided in our country it is madness to so do.’
‘The unhappiness with the recent policy changes in the US must not be the catalyst for damaging our own national self-interest. Anyone who has gone through US Immigration in the US would know that it is a much more pleasant experience when done in the Dublin or Shannon.’