Government must intervene to protect beef sector – Feeley

Councillor John Paul Feeley has called at a meeting of Cavan County Council for the Minister for Agriculture, to intervene to assist beef farmers who are in severe difficulty at this time. ‘It is essential that the Minister move to force action by the factories to alleviate the situation which they created by encouraging farmers to feed young bulls for beef. It is vital that those farmers who are now facing delays of 40 days and more in having animals slaughtered adding further to the huge costs to farmers already under pressure are given urgent assistance and that requires ministerial intervention.’ Councillor Feeley also highlighted the need for urgent action to protect live exports and ensure that these are placed on a sustainable footing so that a level of competition is maintained to protect the interest of farmers. ‘The final area of concern are the artificial barriers that have been imposed by processors in the UK on the slaughter of livestock born in this jurisdiction. We are in the EU and the free movement of goods is a fundamental principle of the EU. Our Government must act to stop these barriers and in particular the levy imposed for veterinary costs which is a ridiculous and unfair imposition and barrier for trade.’ Concluding, Councillor Feeley stated that whilst he welcomed Minister Coveney’s later intervention inn calling a together the representatives of the meat processors, retailers and farmers actions speak louder than words. ‘Bringing people together is welcome but if the rights of Irish Farmers are being infringed in the UK then the full powers of the EU institutions need to be deployed and work done as between the Government and the authorities in the North of Ireland and Britain to ensure our farmers are able to trade freely between this jurisdiction and the rest of Ireland and the UK without artificial trade barriers.’ ENDS