Fodder Scheme must continue beyond 30th April 2018 – Feeley

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has called for an extension to the April 30th deadline on the Fodder Transport Support Scheme. The Scheme was introduced to try assist farmers deal with the severe shortage of fodder especially in the northwest of the country.
‘At meetings of Cavan County Council since last December I have been calling for the introduction of a comprehensive scheme to assist farmers with the current crisis. These calls have been constantly ignored by Minister Creed in the face of mounting evidence of the complete lack of fodder. We asked that a voucher scheme be introduced for feed stuff rather than assisting in the purchase of hay and silage.’
‘Instead the Government introduced an unworkable scheme and had to concede once the south and east of the country bore the brunt of Storm Emma that a more user-friendly scheme be made available. However, they introduced a deadline of the 30th April’
‘The reality is that the recognised supplier have found it very difficult to secure fodder and get it distributed. In fact it is being rationed in the co-ops and marts who are administering the scheme.’
‘In West Cavan it will require many weeks of good weather to allow land to dry and see grass start to grow. Farmers will need access to fodder supplier well into the month of May and I am calling on the Government to extend the Scheme beyond the end of April to at the very least the last week of May.’
‘I note that Brendan Smith TD has tabled a number of Questions in Dáil Ėireann in relation to the fodder scheme and sought a further extension and expansion of the scheme.