Feeley welcomes Reunification of County Cavan for Dáil Elections

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has warmly welcomed the recommendation of the Constituencies Commission to reunite County Cavan in future elections to Dail Eireann. This follows a long-running campaign by the people of County Cavan seeking the reunification of the county in national elections.
“I warmly welcomed the decision of the Constituencies Commission and want to thank its Chairman, Judge Robert Haughton and his colleagues for listening to the thousands of submissions made by people and organisations in County Cavan to have our county reunited for the Dáil Elections. The travesty, that was the division of County Cavan, particularly taking away the most disadvantaged and already disenfranchised part of the county and putting it into a constituency along with Sligo, Leitrim and part of Donegal areas with which many people felt little in common has at long last been reversed. I trust that the Oireachtas will now do their duty and implement the recommendations of this Commission as a matter of urgency and ensure that the results of Census 2016 are the basis for future Dáil Elections.’
‘Given the current political uncertainties, and the likelihood of an early general election it is incumbent on the relevant Minister, Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to bring forward the legislation without further delay.”
“I want to thank the many people who took time to make submissions to the Constituencies Commission and indeed the many organisations who did so also. This was not a party political issue it was about the overall good of the county and all its parts. I wish to thank in particular Brendan Smith TD who spearheaded a campaign which secured almost 5,000 signatures on a petition from throughout the County and also the role of the *Anglo Celt* who with his editor Linda O’Reilly played a pivotal role in this campaign ensuring that it was seen for what it was, a cross-party campaign to ensure justice for County Cavan in Dáil elections.”
“As a councillor, I wish to acknowledge the work of Eoin Doyle, Director of Services and in particular, Dr. Emer Coveney in assisting the elected members in preparing a detailed and comprehensive submission agreed on a cross-party basis setting out the case for the reunification of our county.”
“This is a great day for our county, I know from a Party point of view and indeed from the part of the community in which I live people are delighted that they will now be in a position to vote for people to represent them in Dáil Éireann whom they know, with whom they have worked and who have worked on their behalf in the past and in the case of Deputy Brendan Smith even after West Cavan had been removed from Cavan Monaghan constituency.”