Closure of Ulster Branches a slash and burn policy

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley called on the Management of
Ulster Bank not to proceed with plans to close branches in Belturbet,
Swanlinbar, Killeshandra and across the region.

‘The decision announced in recent days is a devastating blow to
communities across the region and will have a serious impact on
customers especially those in business. Business is difficult; banks
that have been bailed out by the taxpayer have an obligation to now
stand behind small business and ordinary customers. This news is
another blow to rural communities and small towns across this county
and region.

Ulster Bank announced plans to close twenty two branches, three of the
five main branches south of the Border are to be in County Cavan which
will close along with the sub-office in Swanlinbar.

‘I am disappointed with this news. I have already heard from numerous
business people and bank customers who are shocked and saddened by
this news. This will also threaten the future of the ATM machines in
each of these towns. In addition to making life difficult for
customers it will also take away the ability of those visiting towns
like Belturbet and Killeshandra to access their own money from ATMs.’

Councillor Feeley stated that he has already placed this item on the
Agenda of Cavan County Council so that the County Council can make the
view of the County Council clear to the Management of Ulster Bank. He
called on the Management of Ulster Bank to meet with representatives
of the local community both business people and local public

Concluding Councillor Feeley stated that many people were seriously
affected, ‘bank customers, tourists, bank staff are all going to
suffer as a result of this announcement. Many towns will now be left
with no bank whatsoever; it is a slash and burn policy, yet more bad
news for rural Ireland.’