Access Road & Carpark at Shannon Pot Upgraded – Feeley

Councillor John Paul Feeley has welcomed the completion of upgrading work at the access road and carpark at the Shannon Pot, the source of Ireland’s longest river. The work completed in recent weeks included a tarmac overlay of the roadway and carpark which will enhance the facility for locals and visitors who access this popular and scenic location. ‘The Shannon Pot is of itself a noteworthy location as the source of Irelands longest river but in the context of the Geopark, of which it is a designated site, it has a greater significance which explains it is the location where a series of underground streams surface to form the Shannon Pot. The number of visitors to the Shannon Pot is increasing dramaticly. As part of the ongoing development of the Geopark there is monitoring of visitor numbers. From March to the end of August just under 13,000 people visited the Shannon Pot which is a very significant number of visitors given that the monitors a number of years ago recorded about 2,000 visitors. Clearly the investment and promotion is having the desired effect and it is vital that we continue to build on the progress.’ Concluding, Councillor Feeley acknowledged the ongoing efforts of the Council Staff in the area ad in particular the work of Derry Scanlan, Executive Engineer and Tom Joe McGoldrick, Area Overseer who oversaw the project in recent weeks at the Shannon Pot.