Third Level Students should act now on Grant Applications

West Cavan County Councillor, John Paul Feeley urged those hoping to attend Third Level Courses in the coming year for the first time to log on to the SUSI website urgently and submit their applications via that website before 1st August.

‘The few months between Leaving Certificate and heading off for college are an exciting time for students and their families. It can also be a stressful time from a financial point of view for parents in particular. I urge students, if they have not already done so, to get their applications lodged with SUSI as a matter of urgency.’

Councillor Feeley noted that the application scheme has been open for some considerable time. The process is substantially done on-line.

‘The debacle that was the introduction of the SUSI centralised system last year has caused great concern to many people. Even today we have applicants from 2012 who have not yet had their applications finalised. That is a scandalous and unacceptable situation which demonstrates the folly that was centralising the entire third level system.’

Concluding, Councillor Feeley stated that the removal of local input was a backward step but urged people to move urgently to insure that there application are in the system and should have all of the supplementary documentation needed ready for submission in early course.

Councillor Feeley reminded those who are in receipt of grants already from other agencies and who are continuing on the same course should contact that authority to ensure there grant application are in order and that payments will continue in the coming academic year.