Roads Funding of € 15 million welcome but increases of €300,000 hardly keeps pace with inflation.

[image: Roads Allocation A 2021 1.jpg] The announcement of € 15,484,815 in funding for 2021 for Regional and Local Roads in County Cavan is of course welcome. In addition, funding for a number of specific projects has been announced also. This represents the core funding for the County Council to main and improve the bulk of our road network, but it does not include the allocation for National Primary and Secondary Roads which are dealt with separately. This allocation will allow the Council to continue with the multi-annual road works programme the details of which will be formalised and approved in the coming weeks the increases provided will not have a transformative effect on our roads. The increase will hardly meet the increases in construction inflation and will not provide the kind of step change that the Council engineers and staff would like to see implemented in 2021. It is incumbent on all Oireachtas members to continue to lobby at every level for better funding to address the deficit in roads spending in County Cavan. I am well aware of the efforts of Deputy Brendan Smith in this regard. The specific funding allocations are all welcome and will address issues that I and other Councillors have been raising over recent months and, in some cases, years. Funding for Former N3 from Butlersbridge towards Cavan € 150,000 has been provided to upgrade the old N3 from Butlersbridge Village towards Cavan Town. This road may not carry the same level of traffic it did in the past it still caters for a large number of local residents. The road has become uneven and dangerous in recent times. This is a much-needed investment. Drumlark Cavan € 40,000 – Loreto Road Cavan County Council have worked closely with local residents in the Golf-Links Road & Loreto Road to install footpaths, public-lighting, widen bridges and other necessary works under various funding streams. The Council are currently considering a number of options to build on this progress in 2021 to continue the progress of recent years. Belturbet – Staghall Roundabout The need to improve pedestrian safety and reduce the speed of vehicles on the approaches to Belturbet from Staghall but also at Erne Hill on the other side of the Town has been raised with me and other Councillors on numerous occasions. This announcement will hopefully allow the Council to upgrade the pedestrian crossing at Centra, install signage and provide speed cushions and better road markings on both approaches to the town. Kilnavara Lane – Cavan Town € 30,000 has been provided to install traffic calming measures along this stretch of road. Adjacent to Terry Coyle Park this location has a significant number of residents and resultant traffic. Given the nature of the junction the footpaths are narrow. It is essential that measures are implemented in consultation with local residents. Bridge Repairs 2021 Programme Cavan-Belturbet Municipal District The ongoing programme of Bridge Repairs will see investment in the following bridges in 2021. Quivy Bridge € 85,000 Drumcrow Bridge € 58,000 Coppanagh Bridge € 39,500 A number of bridges for which funding was allocated in 2020 were delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions and work will completed in 2021 . <[0]=AZWyDOlL2tStoHeBgOneK_mIZ5PLD6A2G1uIXsT467l0gFSW0VQ7kVw5s4z7Tkw52yM1gt8TcOtobYUqiPivYjV0svWGBIuBWI3JGmkjcdTLzw&__tn__=*bH-R> <[0]=AZWyDOlL2tStoHeBgOneK_mIZ5PLD6A2G1uIXsT467l0gFSW0VQ7kVw5s4z7Tkw52yM1gt8TcOtobYUqiPivYjV0svWGBIuBWI3JGmkjcdTLzw&__tn__=*bH-R>