Milltown to benefit from Traffic Calming & Road Safety Measures – Feeley

Councillor John Paul Feeley has welcomed the allocation of € 22,000 to develop a pedestrian link from Milltown National School to Drumlane Community Centre. The allocation will allow Cavan County Council to do further work in the Village of Milltown having already made provision for traffic calming measures such as flashing beacons, ramps and improved road marking. ‘I am very well aware of the number of children who move between Milltown NS to the nearby Community Centre to avail of childcare on a daily basis.’ ‘The Community Centre in Drumlane is a model for other communities combining childcare, community meeting rooms, children’s playground, community garden and impressive GAA grounds on one site adjacent to the village. This announcement will allow Cavan County Council add to the limited allocation already made for traffic calming to put in place comprehensive safety measures which will really enhance the ability of all of the local community to use these facilities.’ The area staff of Cavan County Council will now proceed to prepare detailed plans with a view to commencement early in 2017. The allocation comes from the Action Plan for Rural Development. ENDS