GLAS must be opened to farmers as they leave AEOS – Feeley

Fianna Fáil Councillor, John Paul Feeley has called on the Minister for Agriculture and Food to open the GLAS Programme for farmers as they leave the AEOS, pointing out that 74 farmers in County Cavan are affected by the Governments refusal to allow farmers move from one Scheme to the other rather than suffer the financial loss of not being in either scheme for a period.
‘When opened GLAS was to cost €250 million. There has been an underspend of €62 million todate, money which if spend on reopening GLAS to farmers whose contracts under AEOS closed in 2018 would help get the rural economy moving and also help farmers implement measures on their farmers with massive environmental benefits thereby helping the country meet our Climate Change target.’
‘The Minister has been challenged in the Dail to make a positive decision on this, there needs to be local action from his party colleagues to get a positive response for the 74 farmers in Cavan and the 2300 nationally who should be moved into GLAS without further delay.’