Feeley rules out addition to Fianna Fail General Election Ticket

Press Release ‘Feeley rules out addition to Fianna Fail General Election ticket’ The Constituency Committee of Fianna Fail are currently meeting with those who contested or were nominated to contest the recent convention for the Sligo Leitrim Constituency which includes a significant part of County Cavan and part of South Donegal. I have made clear to them my view that the strategy adopted at Convention was fundamentally wrong and now leaves the Party with no option but to add a third candidate. I have at all times made clear my view the there is the strong possibility of two seats in this constituency, but that is dependant on the right candidate strategy being two candidates located to sensibly divide this vast constituency. The Constituency Committee for whatever reason made a different determination and must now deal with the consequences. I have made clear from the time of the Convention that I believe the strategy deployed is flawed and that I do not wish to be considered by the Constituency Committee and the Ard Comhairle. The Party nationally has failed to take proper account of the views of the membership across the entire Constituency and seem focused solely on the old Sligo/North Leitrim Constituency. ENDS