Afforestation has blind support at National Level, they must wake up before it is too late – Feeley

Fianna Fail Councillor has expressed disappointment at a recent statement from his party colleague, Timmy Dooley TD who called on farmers to consider forestry an alternative to other forms of farming.
‘I was surprised and disappointed that one of our TD’s and indeed Spokesperson would express such uninformed opinions in support of forestry when Councillors such as myself and those in other counties are voicing the concerns of our communities about the devastation caused by unregulated afforestation in many parts of Cavan, Leitrim and elsewhere in Rural Ireland. That someone in a senior position in our Party would do so is shocking and worrying. What is it about the environment in Leinster House that people who should know better abandon the concerns of ordinary people when they get to Leinster House.’
‘Deputy Dooley have joined the cheer-leaders for forestry which includes Minister Coveney and Minister Creed who seem to all be blind advocates for the large scale planting of tracts of the country with no regard to other landowners, families and the impacts on local communities, tourism and the environment.’
‘In replies to Dail Questions put down by Brendan Smith TD, Minister Coveney made it clear that he had no intention of even considering a review of the planning regulation of forestry whilst Minster Creed set out in detail the ‘rose-tinted’ view of forestry and has jammed local papers with articles advocating forestry at every opportunity.’
‘Before it is too late our national politicians across the board must wake up to the on-going destruction of rural communities of which the unregulated planting of lands is a major component.’