AEOS 3 payments to farmers remain in limbo – Feeley

AEOS 3 payments remain in limbo Cavan County Councillor, John Paul Feeley has called from the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney TD to intervene to release payments due to farmers under the AEOS 3 for 2013 as a matter or urgency. ‘Farmers, particularly smaller farmers are highly dependent on these payments. Promises were made that part payments would issue at the end of 2013 and subsequently in that all payments would be made in the first quarter of this year and then before Easter. It seems the Department are always able to change the goal-posts but the farm family does not have the same luxury with their banks and suppliers.’ Under the EU Regulations governing all area-based payment schemes, a comprehensive administrative check of all applications, including cross-checks with Land Parcel Identification System must be completed before any payments can issue. ‘The reality is that these applications have been with the Department for some time. Many farmers have contacted me about the financial stress they are now under as a result of these delays. It appears that all payments are held up to all the Department time to address queries with a small few and this is unacceptable. Minister Coveney needs to intervene urgently to clarify what the real cause of the delay is and set out clearly when payments will be made.’ ENDS